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Ways to transfer your money

travel insurance for the UK
You will have to transfer your money over to a UK Bank account if you are planning on living in London, as it will save you a lot in ATM fees and transfer costs.

It can be done before you leave home if you have set up a UK account via HSBC, NAB and a few others and is a nesseccity if you are going to be working in the UK as they predominately only pay you into a UK account.

There are plenty of companies to choose from, but make sure you get one with low fees, ability ot lock in an exchange rate, are secure and have offices in both you home country and the UK for security.

We also offer a FREE transfer via Tranzfers and 1st Contact, so keep that in mind too.



If you want to stop worrying about the money you sent to the other side of the world, then you have to try Xoom. This is a company which offers the service of transferring or sending money worldwide through computers that are internet-enabled. With Xoom, I was able to send funds to my family and friends in an instant with no hassles.

Xoom is currently active in more than thirty countries like Canada, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines, Spain, Uruguay and Australia.

Tranzfers / Ozforex Review

Transferring funds can be expensive using the major banks. Using a great new service called TRANZFERS you can send money faster and for a lot less. Their fee is a maximum of 15AUD, they guarantee no receiving bank fees and their rates are much better. Best of all you can do it all on the net - so no more bank queues and forms!

1st Contact Forex Money Transfers

Choosing the best way to take your money to the UK can often be a daunting and confusing experience. Often it can be tricky to understand the fees and charges involved, making it difficult to decide which option best suits your needs.

Orbit Remit

Orbit Remit is a fast and easy way to send money overseas from UK, Australia or New Zealand to UK, China, New Zealand, Philippines, Australia or Vietnam.

All you need to do to send a payment is to register your details. Once you register you can login and track your payments on your “dashboard” which becomes your homepage when you log in. You can transfer money anytime you like. You don’t have to wait for opening hours or stand in bank lines.


Not so long ago, I had reason to require money transfer services. A relative of mine suggested I try Lccmt and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that impressed me was the courteousness and professionalism of the staff I dealt with. Sure, I expected good service, but what I received went well beyond that.

I had gone to the office near me to pick up some cash being sent to me by a friend.


When I need to send money for business or personal reasons, this website, Clearfx, is the one I use. Clearfx uses sophisticated technology and customer service that is unmatched anywhere else to provide the services you need. Safety is a priority with this company. Along with technology, they make sure the funds are clear and available for payment. This ensures the money will reach the intended party on time, all the time.


HiFX are foreign exchange specialists offering a great service for transferring money abroad.

If you are planning on moving you can transfer money to a new bank account or you can finance your international property purchase or mortgage securely and simply with HiFX transfers.

The HiFX website clearly answers common questions and provides testimonials from clients who have used and are happy with the services offered by HiFX.


Travelex has the best rates for changing money abroad. And it’s all insured. It’s very important for people like me who can be kind of careless or forgetful when excited and traveling. Also losing money to exchange rates, especially now, is so not worth it. Travelex makes life so much easier in another country. Also, with their Traveler’s Checks, you know you can use it when you get home.

Online FX

OnlineFX makes is so easy to transfer or change money. You can get a different currency and break it down in specific bill sizes and denominations, all delivered in 24 hours. That is so important for not seeming like a careless or clueless tourist with a wad of cash in some trickier areas. The operators and communications are clear and to the point with no small talk, but everything necessary for a quick and effective transaction.

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