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Recruitment in London

Unless you're uber fortunate, you'll have to obtain a job in London to pay for all thsoe pints, European adventures and local activities.

Depending on your chosen occupation, there are several ways to go about trying to find a job in London. We aim to go through all the different choices, by showing you the best job sites, giving you tips from recruiters, list of recruitment agencies and our local bloggers give you some of their own advice.

Before you leave home you can organise meetings with recruiters, get them working for you and set up interviews for when you arrive.

They can also help with CV / resume tips and are the only way to go when hunting for a corp job in the UK.

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Working in the UK advice - finding a job in London

whether to fund your travels or get a longer-term gig, it’s important to understand that the UK job market is a little different to our own. so to get all clichéd on you, please try to make like a scout and be prepared. (before leaving home if you can).

Tips from a London Recruiter

in London, recruitment companies are the key to success. almost all companies that advertise roles, go through a recruitment company as a gateway to filter out and manage the job applicants. so in order to successfully land a job in London you are going to have to be familar with how the system works and what processes you will need to go through in order to get to the top of a pile of resumes.

Employment in the UK

There are a lot of people giving advice about finding jobs in the UK, and I do not pretend n the slightest to have any expertise in this area. I thought I’d just share with you my own experience to do with employment in the UK.

The Hard Stuff (Part 1)

One of the most difficult things to get in the UK is a bank account. Because it’s a financial hub, the country is very careful about whom they give accounts to. When I got here, I had to open a Passport account at HSBC because I had no previous credit history in the UK. I also had no fixed address because I was living at a friend’s house.

Teaching in the UK?

The aim of RMTA is to create an online social hub where teachers can rate, review, and learn more about teaching agencies in London. As a new teacher to London, the agency options can be overwhelming. At RMTA, you can learn from the experience of teachers who are already teaching in London so that you can make an informed decision before you arrive.

Maternity Leave: what you need to know

Until April last year, new mothers were given a whole year of leave after giving birth – that’s 52 weeks at home to spend settling in with the baby. While some couples might still find that having Mum at home is most convenient, a change in the law from April 2011 reflects the fact that some parents want to divide childcare between them.

Perseverance does in fact pay off

After applying for numerous amounts of jobs in and around London (bearing in mind I’m still a planned three and a half months away, with the intention of moving immediately if I am offered full-time work) I’ve finally struck something that almost feels like employment – freelance work.

Umbrella Companies - an easy way to save money without even trying.

Deciding on an umbrella company to get paid through when working in the UK can be very confusing, so I thought I would try and cover some of the most common misconceptions contractors have whilst using an Umbrella Company and the actual truth behind the myths!

Ideas for making money while you travel

For people with the wanderlust, life provides a conundrum: to stay home and earn money, or go on the road and experience all that life has to offer?  Today’s technology has provided an answer to this eternal question.  There are a variety of methods for making money while on the road, allowing thousands of people to explore the world while maintaining a balance in their bank account

Looking for work on the other side of the World

It’s still a wee while before I jet off to London, but since I tend to be on the over-organised side (largely due to excitement) and I want to get the career-ball rolling, I’ve started searching for jobs in London while I pass the time.
I’m not expecting to arrive at Heathrow one week and stroll into my nice well-earned job the next, but I can at least try!

Should You Really Accept a Job With a Long Commute?

So, you have seen the perfect job advertised, and you have a good chance of getting it. The only trouble is, the commute is far longer than you are used to. Assuming moving for your job is not an option, how do you decide whether committing to the longer commute is going to be worth it? Here are some things to consider:

Moving to London

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UK Travel Insurance

if you want to look after the things you have so carefully packed, re-packed and then told yourself you definately need over there, then insuring them should be a no-brainer.

travel insurance for the UK


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