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There are a growing number of travel enthusiasts all over the world and I am included in that list. If you are one, too, then you should know the importance of online hotel reservation companies in this day and age. A trip would be extra special and enjoyable if you can come home to a cozy, excellent hotel after a tiring day. I am happy to have come across Agoda.


Ebookers is a fantastic site for searching and booking holidays. I used it and it was so easy to use. I got a great price for my entire trip including my flight, my hotel and my cruise.

The website is easy to navigate and you can sort the search results to your preference either by price or by star rating. Once you make your selection, all aspects of your trip can be booked in one transaction.


Cheaperthanhotels is the best possible way to plan a trip and get the best places to stay. You can plan anywhere from the night before to 6 months in advance and have guaranteed rates. What I like is that when you look for the least expensive room, it doesn’t have to be the cheapest accommodations. You tell them everything you want in a room and you get the least expensive rate for that type of room. You get the least expensive hotel with your minimum specs.


Orbitz is great! This is the website I use for all of my travel needs. Airline, hotels, cars, cruises, and activities can all be taken care of on this website. This website is a great tool to check travel options for anywhere in the world. It simplifies the process by searching all of the airlines and other travel features for you. I no longer have to go to every website to see what their prices are.


Having had an urgent need to make an unplanned emergency trip recently, I was referred by a friend to I am still wondering how such a goldmine of a website could have existed without my knowledge for so long.

I was able to book my flight, arrange ground transportation, and secure accommodation despite all this being quite literally a last minute request on my part.


Tripadvisor is a fantastic independent travel review site that is a must for anyone planning a vacation.

With so many holiday and bookings options online it can be very confusing and difficult to select a vacation or hotel to suit your needs. All websites are designed to show vacations and hotels at their best when the reality can be very different. Reading reviews from people who have been there can be helpful to get an honest account of the hotel, service and the location. is a special site that deals mainly in finding places to stay. They do short term, vacations and even apartments. They pride themselves on having secret locations only they know about and have the information listed. I found that to be mostly true. They started in Australia and from what I heard, that is where the majority of the secret listings are. But the Toronto office worked great for me.

Standing out from the crowd of online travel agents, not only offers very competitive rates on hotels in London, they also have a unique and innovative share and compare function. This allows you to find London hotels that fit more closely to your individual needs. They also have an awesome travel blog and regularly run competitions for free travel prizes.


There are 1000's of hotels in London to choose from so how do you know which one to go for?

How do you know what a good location is? A good reputation? The right style for you? And of course the right price?

There are many websites that can help you pick and choose your London hotel depending on your preferences and one of the best out there is We use them mainly because of their deals and great rewards program they have where you can get money off your hotels by referring friends, taking advantage of some of their deals, and taking part in reviewing hotels and a few other ways.


We’re a group of digital business, marketing and technology experts, with many years of online travel experience. In 2005 we established to become the world’s largest hotel search engine. allows you to easily search room availability and rates from all major travel website at the same time.


Having personally tried my fair share of booking websites, I believe I can state with confidence that is by far the best online hotel reservations website that I have come across so far. You don’t have to take my word for it though as the figures speak for themselves. The fact is, more than seven million other users have been so impressed with the service that they took time out to write reviews about their experiences.

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