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Phone companies

Asda Mobile

Asda Mobile is the perfect network for those looking to move to London from another UK city or from abroad. Here’s why:

One: We’re a SIM-only network


T-Mobile here in London has everything great that is has back in the U.S. When I moved here I thought I was going to have to switch and try and learn about the local providers. Everyone always says to do things locally, and try not to carry all of my Americanisms with me. But I shopped around for a seemingly endless time before I left and when I first got here and couldn’t figure out which of the UK providers was best for me to use with my Android.
If you are unsure with the rates, prepaid cell phones are available from T-Mobile as well.


O2 is the best phone provider around. They have so many options for payment and airtime plans. You can start off with a monthly plan, pay as you go or SIM only. I like a monthly expectation for budgeting and I got one straight away that was really fit for my needs. Then I got a smart phone and had to try and adjust. Their customer service was amazing and I am still paying almost the same amount on their internet plan.


Trying to figure out which mobile phone carrier to use is overwhelming. And switching between carriers can be an even bigger ordeal. There is confusion over transfer costs and worries about whether you can keep your number, how it will affect your ability to get a smart phone, and most of all, if the old carrier can still bill you. It happens that people think everything’s taken care of, only to get socked with a huge bill from their previous carrier.


3 is an excellent company. Whatever your budget and whatever your needs, 3 has what you are looking for.

The bright, clearly designed website makes it easy to begin your quest for mobile services. The services are conveniently separated into their own pages, making it easy to find exactly what you need. Whether it is phones, pay monthly services, pay as you go services, mobile broadband, or business services, the 3 website has it all, clearly marked and easily accessible.

Lebara Mobile

Lebara Mobile launched the first ever low-cost international calls service in the Netherlands in 2004.  By the start of 2010 we had over 2.5 million customers in: the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, Australia and Germany.

Virgin Mobile

Here at Virgin Mobile, we've been putting our Members first for over 10 years. Ever since Richard Branson saw an opportunity to stir up the Aussie telco market in the early noughties, we've been making a splash with our innovative products, cheeky ad campaigns and world-class customer service.

Go Sim

With offices in the UK, USA and Australia, and fulfillment operations in Canada, GO-SIM is a leading global provider of prepaid SIM cards and services that enable leisure and business travelers to use their mobile phones abroad at prices they can afford.

go-sim is a privately owned company with vast experience in telecommunications. We constantly use our experience to provide innovative new products and services to make it easier and cheaper to use your mobile phone while traveling abroad.

Lyca Mobile

  • Over 6 million customers enjoying the Lycamobile brand
  • Every 5 seconds a new Lycamobile customer joins our growing family
  • We connect over 2.5 million mobile calls per day, helping you to make affordable International calls across the world whether it be Asia, Africa, Europe or the America’s

Go Talk

gotalk Global Travel SIM is a revolutionary Prepaid Roaming SIM that gives you great rates on calls made while travelling overseas. With the Global Travel SIM you can budget your trip without worrying about expensive bills on your return with the added convenience of online recharge from anywhere in the world!

Will sim cards be free in the phones of the future?

Look back ten years, and remember what your mobile phone was like.  You might not even have thought that it was essential to have one.  It would certainly have been much larger and heavier, but the most significant difference would have been the limited functionality.  Most people wouldn’t have considered using their phone to take a photo, or surf the net, and apps were just a developers dream.

Moving to London

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Find a flat in London

If your looking to share a room while in London, then spareroom is a great place to start looking.
With 1000's of rooms available you're bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

1000s of rooms to rent in London; Birmingham; Bristol; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Leeds; Manchester; Newcastle and across the UK

Looking for a new flatmate? Advertise your room to let for free.

The UK's leading flat & house share website

UK Travel Insurance

if you want to look after the things you have so carefully packed, re-packed and then told yourself you definately need over there, then insuring them should be a no-brainer.

travel insurance for the UK


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