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London suburbs to live in


Clapham is one of the best suburbs of London to live in. It’s a great place to escape the pace of the city without missing out on any of the benefits. It’s so close that the commute to downtown London is shorter than those of some people who live in the city,  and so much cheaper. As I get older, I really appreciate some quiet and some space every now and again. In Clapham I get plenty of it.

Angel Islington

Angel Islington, a division of the London Borough of Islington, is one of London’s districts. The place is considered as one of the London Plan’s 35 major centers with first-rate transport bridges and connections.

I happened to visit the great place and I enjoyed my stay there. It is, indeed, a place for the elite and the famous. Although it is located in the City of London, the place is subtler with an urban vibe


Camden is one of the best places to live in London, out of the melee, but within easy reach of the bright lights. It is an inner district in the Northwest of the city and is a mainly residential place. But its looks can be deceiving. There is so much art and entertainment. The local markets bring the tourists in, especially at the weekend.

The Best Places to Live in London

London has long been regarded as one of the world’s most amazing cities, and with such a diverse range of cultures, stunning architecture, brilliant shops, bars and restaurants it lives up to its reputation. What many people tend to forget is that this is a big city; the City of London itself may be a famous Square Mile, but the capital offers a wide choice of different types of living across its many boroughs.


The thing about living in Fulham is you get all of the best parts of London without having to live in the middle of all the chaos or pay the higher prices of the big city. Not that it’s cheap, because nothing is cheap in Fulham. But the taxes are lower and you can comfortably have a car and parking where you live, and also be able to afford your monthly rent.


Bayswater is a perfect place to live if you want the vibrant city atmosphere, but not be in the chaotic center of London. It’s to the west in the Royal Borough of Kensington. It’s a bright and cheery metro town with all of the advantages of the city, without the high prices and constant traffic and uproar. Bayswater is an eclectic mix of strong and colorful cultures, with large populations of Greek, Brazilian, Arab and expat American residents.


What can I say? When I went to Soho, all I’d heard was that it was London’s red light district. But I had a good laugh and found so many different bars, clubs and restaurants that I was never stuck for something to do.


Hammersmith is great if you want to see local people doing their usual things. It is not a tourist place but it was where my soccer team was playing.


It has plenty of local libraries and council buildings. I also found a swimming pool that gave the kids and me something to do after the soccer game. But we had to take the tube and bus to get into London city center, which wasn’t very close, so we could find something to do for the next day.

North West London – Great For Work and Play

Few of the 32 boroughs of London are ones of contrast as The London Borough of Camden. You may be familiar with iconic Camden Town itself with its famous market, 24 hour nightlife, and shops on the high street with huge boots and other wares adorning their outside walls, yet the actual borough of Camden is also home to a selection of beautiful little districts and areas.

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