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When you decide to spend your London Holiday backpacking you always are looking to find low cost hotels or hostels to stay in, we have complied a list of our top choices.

Surprise Backpackers

The Surprise Backpackers is a newly opened hostel which mostly caters to travelers, transients and adventurous people. I found great accommodation with amazing prizes, well within my budget. I was planning to go to London, particularly the area between Pimlico Station on the Vauxhall Bridge Road and Victoria Station when I landed on the site.

The Surprise Backpackers is actually a hostel which opened in September 2010. It has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, with triple decks in some rooms.

Piccadilly Backpackers

Piccadilly Backpackers is not like any other hostel on the planet. I’m not really sure why it’s even called just a hostel. It’s very nice and comfortable. It provides amazing security. It’s social, friendly, and offers many amenities, which is very rare. There is 24-hour wifi for people with bad jet lag who are up in the middle of the night and need or want internet connection, just like I always do.

St. Christopher’s Hammersmith

If I were given a chance to stay at St. Christopher’s Hammersmith again, I would do so. The affordable rate that I paid is well worth it.

I have been to St. Christopher’s Hammersmith several times. I just find their location pretty accessible, as it is easy to get here from Heathrow Airport. You can also get to any point in London from here. Around the area, you can find the tube lines, bus stations and the Kensington-Olympia over ground railways.

London Eye Hostel

The London Eye Hostel wasn’t too bad, considering the price we paid to stay there. It was great for a bunch of friends but I wouldn’t have opted to stay there if I were with my family. It was at least cleaned daily like many hostels and was very close to the tube station, which we used every day.


Breakfast was included along with the use of Internet, which was great when it came to checking emails, Facebook and Twitter.

Central Hostel

Central Hostel is a great place to stay in London. It’s small and feels much safer than some of the big dormitory places I’ve stayed, where sometimes it seems like even if they tried, there is no way they could keep track of everyone. Plus it’s clean and the staff  treat you as if you are staying at a B & B. The neighborhood itself is residential and pretty cozy with trees and a nice Church just down the way.

London Backpackers

London Backpackers hostel is centrally located in London with easy access to everything and a Tube station practically right outside. It is very clean for a hostel and especially for one that is so cheap. One thing I liked was that when I had to stay one night waiting for a friend, I could stay in a dormitory room that was all-female upon my request. It just made things a little easier.

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