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Cost of Living in London : London Prices

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Beer? Bread? Milk? Travel? Rent? What it costs and how it compares to home.

wanna know what you’re up for re the living cost in London? here we’ve compiled the basics about a few London expenses to expect (give or take).

check out Sainsburys – big chain supermarket – for the current cost of milk, bread, toothpaste and other everyday stuff.
small note:
milk comes in pints! yup just like a pint glass. for a pint of milk you’re looking at 40p (around 60c).

see grocery prices @ Sainsburys >

travel pass
ok so firstly the best thing to do is grab yourself an Oyster card, which is the cheapest way to travel by bus and tube around London. you can top up an Oyster card with as many pounds as you want, and can get them online, at tube stations and other easy locations. Oyster cards are used in conjunction with tube and bus tickets (not instead of).

read more about Oyster cards @ Transport for London >

rather than give you a giant list, here’s a few typical prices. from Heathrow airport into the centre of London (Piccadilly Circus) it’ll cost you about £4.00. a day card for Zones 1-2, which lasts until 4:30am, costs about £5.00.

get tube prices @ Transport for London >

no matter where you go on a bus within Greater London (Zones 1-6) it’ll cost you £2. to make your trip cheaper – 90p cheaper in fact – use an Oyster card.

download guide to fares and tickets @ Transport for London >

ok so this one’s kinda hard to give exact costings on, cos it really depends on so much. eg. how much of a prince/princess you are ☺, what zone you want to live in, how many people you’re living with, closeness to the tube, bills, council tax...well you get the idea.
here is a ballpark figure for the popular zones:
•    Zone 1: single room £120 - £200+ (pw)
•    Zone 2: Single room £100–£170 (pw)
•    Zone 3: Single room pw £70-£100 (pw)
so the further away from the centre of London (Zone 1), the cheaper it gets.

download map of London Zones @ Transport for London >

random list of other London prices
we really could go on about all sorts of London expenses, so here’s our random (yet handy) list of ballpark figures on some of the other necessities.
•    pint: £3-5.00 (funny how this is at the top of the list)
•    pub meal: £6.00 (well all that drinking gets you hungry)
•    chocolate: 40p
•    nightclub entry: £15 - £20.00
•    coffee: £1.10
•    concert ticket: £50.00 and upwards (depends who you see)
•    London Festival tickets: £50.00 - £100.00
•    pre-packaged sambo from Sainsburys: £ 2.00 – £4.00
•    theatre tickets: £10 - 20.00 (at the cheap ticket boxes around the West End)

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