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Best Websites to find a Flat

Our friends at London Relocation have been making a name for themselves in the London accommodation scene, especially with their 100% guaranteed placement standards. Anyone looking to get sorted with an apartment in a short period of time and with the least amount of hassle, definitely need to look into them. Check out some of the benefits in the video and get in contact with them through the posting below.


Without a doubt, this is the coolest site we used for finding housing in London.

Whether you are looking for an apartment to rent in the UK or to meet new flatmates for a house share in London, is the place to be!


we think this site rocks. it’s one of the number one site used in the UK to find a house, a flat or a flat mate for that matter. when we first moved to London we were on gumtree every spare minute, looking for a house. it’s a user friendly site and I think that’s what makes it so successful.

With almost two million subscribers in Spareroom, one would surely find his or her perfect flatmate. I met my roommate, turned best friend on Spareroom. I was thankful that I had used their service. If not, then maybe I would have already hopped from one apartment to another.

Spareroom is a flat and house share website that caters to United Kingdom. The site is popular among people who would want to split the house rent.

London Relocation

With a unique One Day Viewing model and guaranteed placement, London Relocation provides a personal and tailored relocation solution. Comprised of a team of expats, London Relocation Ltd is an accredited member of the Association of Relocation Professionals as well as a worldwide member of EuRA . We caught up with owner AJ Gallo to talk about the new services from LR in 2014…

The Loot

to be honest, I barley used Loot when I was looking for a house to rent in London. it’s a paper that comes out every second day I think, with loads and loads of listings for renting, buying, sharing and houses in London. it’s worth a cross reference, but loot is usually used by people that are hanging around London for a long period of time, that aren’t really looking for that traveler type stay. its aimed more at the ancestry visa stayers, or the sponsorships people.

Flatmate Finder

I am the kind of person that values my home. I consider it as a sacred place, and one of my house nightmares is a terrible roommate. I was just fooling around on the net when I stumbled on a site called Flatmate Finder. I was in the process of getting a new home, so I tried the site’s service.

Flatmate Finder is a modern site which helps tenants like me in finding the perfect person to share the rent and the flat with.

Easy Roommate

if you've tried gumtree, TNT mag and maybe even The Loot and found that its a whole lot of hit and miss with trying to find  a flat, then Easyroommate is for you.

so the usual deal with flat hunting is that you come up with a rough budget for what you want to pay per week / month and then decide on an area you like, ie South West London, East London etc and then you start hitting up website classifieds and magazines. then you find a few you like, call them up and if by fluke it's still available, go see it, to find out that your potential flatmates are serial farters in the making.

Crashpadder 'Home' Accommodation

Crashpadder is a homestay community that has members all over the world. With Crashpadder hosts earn extra money from their spare space, and travellers save money on expensive hotels and avoid the discomfort of hostels - by staying with a friendly local.

Moving to London

Find a Flat in One Day – Guaranteed Placement

From Contact to Keys in 36 Hours

View 18 – 25 properties with us on one day based on your Needs Assessment.

We handle lease negotiations, offer a settling In Service and help with all amenities.

Book a free consultation with our Moving Coach NOW at London Relocation.


Find a flat in London

If your looking to share a room while in London, then spareroom is a great place to start looking.
With 1000's of rooms available you're bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

1000s of rooms to rent in London; Birmingham; Bristol; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Leeds; Manchester; Newcastle and across the UK

Looking for a new flatmate? Advertise your room to let for free.

The UK's leading flat & house share website

UK Travel Insurance

if you want to look after the things you have so carefully packed, re-packed and then told yourself you definately need over there, then insuring them should be a no-brainer.

travel insurance for the UK


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