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Before you Leave Home

There is always a lot of organising to be done before you embark on a life changing move to another country.

You need to get a Visa, buy flights, travel insurance, go to the doctor, get a bank account, pack all your gear up, have goodbye parties etc etc.

Here we help to remind you of the essentials you need to get done and give you a few companies that can help make your organising that much easier.

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Sorting out the Basics

I had a lot of trouble opening a bank account over here before I started my job because most banks require evidence of employment before you can open your own account. Seems like a catch 22 doesn’t it? Need the account to be paid but need the job to get an account to be paid into. I certainly couldn’t get my head around it when the bank refused to let me sign up on account of me being unemployed.

Advice on Choosing an Airline

One of the biggest decisions you'll make before heading to the UK is who to buy your Airline tickets through and what kind of fare to go for. Not all companies are the same, and even though most of us will want to get the UK as cheap as possible, sometimes you pay for it later

London help and travel advice

but rather than bang on about us and us alone, there are stacks of Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans (otherwise known as antipodeans - note; a word you’ll hear a lot!) moving to and living in London, and they all have their own stories and experiences to share. so we figured what better people to get the inside goss on the good, the bad and the downright excellent?

Packing Tips for Living in London

when moving your life to or already living in London, just remember that there are shops over there, you can buy stuff and you’re definitely not stranded. but that said, who wants to outlay precious pennies on the essentials as soon as you get there?

London A-Z Street Map in your pocket

If you need to know where a tube station is, how far another tube station is from another tube station, what street is where anywhere in Greater London, where a park is, where a hospital might be, where a bus might go, the London A-Z will show you.

Things to do before you leave Australia

In all the excitement of heading overseas, it can be tough to think about all those sometimes boring things you should take care of before boarding the plane. To help you out, here are some things you might want to sort out while still in the land of sunshine, as it can be difficult to do so once you’ve departed. Other things may just be easier to organise ahead of time.

Booking Flights & Packing it all up

Getting here in September/October means you will have missed out on a possibly fantastic summer but your finances are likely to be more secure as your chances of finding work are higher. Winter travel, however, is very popular and there are many places to see if you want to travel in winter. I’ve been recommended Prague in the winter on many occasions as it’s quiet but still beautiful.

I've booked my ticket. Now What?

So the time has come for me to start planning my “right of passage” as a young Aussie and make the big move to the greatest city of them all – London.

I’ve finished all of my end-of-semester exams, I’m working two jobs in hospitality, saving every cent I can and now I’m basically just waiting for the day I receive that official piece of paper that deems me as intelligent, because one week after that I will fly out of Brisbane International Airport, not to return for what I hope will be an awfully long time.

Jess Moves to London!

I knew all about the London Eye, the West End, the fuzzy hat wearing guys who can't smile out the front of Buckingham Palace, the Thames, the dodgy weather... but I had no idea about getting a National Insurance Number, registering for a GP, no idea what an Oyster Card was, how to find a place to live, where was safe to live, how to find a job

5 Reasons to move to London this Year

Millions of visitors flock to London each year for the fantastic art and architecture, history, culture, music, shopping, fine dining, nightlife and more.  As the official home of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games, there’s more reason than ever to visit London this year.  Those looking for a more permanent connection to the city would be wise to make 2012 the year they relocate to London.

Why you should Study Abroad?

Travelling and going on holiday are great experiences, but how about combining that with your university studies? More and more people are taking the plunge and saying goodbye to their home comforts and exploring the world, one lecture at a time.

Moving to London

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UK Travel Insurance

if you want to look after the things you have so carefully packed, re-packed and then told yourself you definately need over there, then insuring them should be a no-brainer.

travel insurance for the UK


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