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Arrived in London

Now the fun begins.

On your first few weeks or even months, there is still a lot of things to check off your moving to London list.

Find a house, a job, a mobile sim card, etc. But once you've got the essentials sorted, you can start to explore and have a bit of fun.

We show you what you can do in London, what you need to sort out, and the companies that can help.

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Canadians needed for an Internet Commercial

We are looking for Canadian’s over the age of 25 to appear on an internet commercial filming one day between the 17th - 20th May. Payment per person is about CAN $220 for the day, but you must bring you SIN Number and passport. Men and women are welcome. Please bring your friends of any nationality along too. No past acting needed, we are having a street party!

If you are interested please contact me on email: tel: 07958922829

I am meeting people tonight at The Maple Leaf pub in Covent Garden from 5-7pm. If you’d like to come along tonight then I would love to meet you and take a photo. Otherwise we will be casting in Hoxton Square late afternoon tomorrow.

Alternatively you can contact me on our Facebook Page:

Many Thanks!

London Essentials

1. Is a mobile phone or UK sim card so you can get connected with peeps back home.
There are a few options; you can either bring your own phone from home as long as it's unlocked and then get a sim card from any one of the UK providers. the best ones are; O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3 Mobile, and T-Mobile.

An American in London ....

As US citizens you guys will need to apply for a work permit. A work permit lets you work in the UK for more then 6 months but the main thing is that it lets UK employers employ non UK or European citizens to fill the available role. One catch though; the UK employer must prove that the particular role they are advertising CAN NOT be filled by a UK or EU Citizen! Be sure to find an extended stay hotel deal at DHR for your UK trips.

TNT Magazine - your London Bible

the TNT Mag gives you up to date information on life in London, places to be and things to see. it’s aimed at Aussies, New Zealanders and South Africans living and working in the UK, and is kinda THE essential guide to travel, jobs, lifestyle and entertainment.

Canadians Living in London

If you're from the land of the Maple, then im going to try and push you in th right direction for help when moving over to the UK. Our living in london guide however will cater for 90% of your questions and then hopefully our London facebook group will answer some of the others.

Staying Fit on a Budget when Moving to London

One of the worries that possess people who move abroad is always the question: Will I be able to continue the life style I’m used to? Often, this is not the case. A move abroad usually requires you to change your habits, at least to a certain degree. The standards of accommodation may not be what you are used to, you may not be able to afford the same things any longer, or certain products are simply not available.

London Living: Making the Most of the Capital

For people already living and working in London, getting bogged down with the daily grind is an easy trap to fall into. You might venture out of an evening or at the weekend to socialise, but would you say you really make the most of the city in which you reside? Considering that an average of 15 million visitors visit London each year, there’s an entire wealth of culture and entertainment out there that could be passing you by!

Moving to London

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Find a flat in London

If your looking to share a room while in London, then spareroom is a great place to start looking.
With 1000's of rooms available you're bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

1000s of rooms to rent in London; Birmingham; Bristol; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Leeds; Manchester; Newcastle and across the UK

Looking for a new flatmate? Advertise your room to let for free.

The UK's leading flat & house share website

UK Travel Insurance

if you want to look after the things you have so carefully packed, re-packed and then told yourself you definately need over there, then insuring them should be a no-brainer.

travel insurance for the UK


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