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Accommodation in London

In this section we go through the types of accommodation available in London, the best sites to use in order to find a flat and information on London hotels.

we give you a list of the best suburbs to live in and how much rent you should expect to pay in each area.

from our bloggers, there is advice on securing a flat, through companies like Galliard Residential as well as the things you can do to make sure you land a your fav house when you find one. other pieces of advice include the best sites to book a hotel or hostel on when you first land in the UK.

You can also find the best rates on short stays available at apartment in Bayswater, which starts from £92.86 per night, and in other serviced apartments London.

1000s of rooms to rent in London and the UK.

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London Relocation

London Relocation Ltd provides an essential relocation service for people moving to London. Guaranteed placement and personal viewing day means that you can find a flat, sign a lease and move in within 36 hours. London Relocation is a fully integrated and accredited relocation service that takes the hassle out of home finding.


Want to live in London and want to explore your options? Come to and try out our all-new “Find a place near my work” feature.  Simply enter where you work, how long you want to travel and find property in the most suitable areas in London.

Cheap London Accommodation

some say finding a bed for the first few nights can be pretty much the biggest stress you’ll go through when moving to London. but it doesn’t have to be that way. just remember that there are always options, cheap London hostels, (maybe not what you want for the long-term, but there’s bound to be something that’ll make do while you’re sorting yourself out)

Finding a house / flat in London

ahh, finding your very own London flat and sniffing out apartments for London! where to start? well, let’s just say that yes you will meet weirdos and smell smells of dubious origin. you may even get knocked back because of your nationality. but don’t let anything you run into get you down, you will get there.(consider it part of the true living in London experience.)

Where to live in London if you don’t want to be stuck on the tube all day

For those new to London, a warning: London is huge. And it can take a long time to get around. So unless you want to spend most of your life underground, it’s important to choose an area with good transport connections!

Best London Suburbs to live in.

you want to make sure once you're in London, that the suburb you choose to live in can give you everything you expect and more.right?
shops, a local pub, Tube and bus access, a park for the summer, and some cafes, not too much to ask at all.

The Hard Stuff (Part 2)

Use Zoopla or Spareroom to find your new place – they’re often the best! Gumtree is another popular search website but be wary of the scams! Most of you know them by now but just in case: NEVER give anyone any money until you’ve signed an agreement with them.

Tips for securing a Flat in London

Another thing that is acceptable, expected and a great thing to do is HAGGLE! When you're desperate for accommodation, it's easy to forget that you're actually doing the landlord a favour by paying his mortgage. Landlords wold much rather get 5-10 quid less a week and get good reliable tenants than vice versa.

Finding a place to live in London

Rent in London is ridiculous. Seriously. You will be shocked. BUT it is London, and for someone like me, it is worth the rent prices to live in this pulsing, vibrant city. I spent hours online trawling through websites and ads trying to find somewhere that looked nice, that was close to public transport, was reasonably priced (for London) and which I wouldn’t be sharing with a 42-year-old man..

A Room to Call Your Own

Brace yourself... it's a long one!
Finding a place to live in London is one of those things that either happens right away for you and feels like the easiest bit of the move, or it takes forever and you’re left wondering if you’ll ever find a roof to put over your head.

The most affordable locations for commuters to buy a house in London

Commuting into London for work is a common and popular way of getting around the cost issues that the big city presents. While it saves you a bit of money, the daily commute can be a bit of a grind as well, not to mention stressful, but for many the idea of living in London is just out of the question thanks to seemingly endless rising house prices.

Top tips for finding property in West London

On the face of it, 2012 can seem like a daunting year to be looking for property in West London. The Olympics might be centred in the East End but the knock-on effects have already been felt city-wide.

Living in London - all you need to know

Buying homes in London is not a straight forward process – the main stumbling block for a lot of people out there tends to be the sheer cost involved. Living in London is not cheap – which is why a lot of people who move to London end up renting accommodation instead. There’s no shame in not being able to buy a home in London – often renting brings with it many advantages over buying a home anyway.

Where not to Stay in London

We have arrived in the UK YAY
However our first week was awful, stayed with and i still almost 2 weeks later have a massive rash under my arm...they were sooo rude and unhelpful...when we said we wanted to find our own apartment outside of dreary kilburn they kicked us out and we were homeless..

Where the bloody hell am I going to stay?

Now three months away from my big move, it recently dawned on me that I have not yet found a place to call home in London. All three points of contact I had and was semi-relying on surprised everyone by moving back to Australia! So now the fun begins.

Sometimes moving around is a good thing

Right now I'm sitting in a room that is that has barely enough space to walk around the double bed to inch out the doorway. My worldly belongings are scattered between the boot of the car, someone's garage and in a pile on the landing outside the bedroom door. I'm living with 14 people in a 7 bedroomed, 4 storey house in Camberwell and not paying any rent.

Saving money while renting in London

British consumers are facing soaring bills yet for another year running. Data show that energy prices are rising four times faster in the UK than in any other European country, with the average annual energy bill standing at £1,300.

What makes the perfect British flat?

Flat hunting is a tricky business, as it can take some time to find the perfect place, especially in a city like London. If you’ve just moved here you’re probably looking for somewhere cheap yet relatively central, to ensure that you don’t have to do too much travelling to get to the major hotspots and the city centre.

A job and then a House? Or the other way around?

When I first arrived in London I was staying in Gerard's Cross, miles away from London - but it was my only option - So I HAD to find a house before I could get a job, it was a matter of not out staying my welcome.

British design ideas for London homes

Owning a traditional British home in the heart of London makes many people want to design the interior in keeping with the property. That means if it is a period home, such as Victorian or Georgian, then the interior design could match that same time period to create a really elegant home. Some people prefer to buck the trend and opt for a completely modern and contemporary style while others want to make their mark on the home in their own unique way. No matter what the homeowner’s particular taste there are plenty of design ideas to keep their home truly British.

Short Term Lets for Short Term Visits

If you have just moved to London, hostels are a fantastic place to socialise and meet new people. However, you could easily find yourself spending over £100 per week to sleep in a dorm full of strangers which not everyone is comfortable with. If you have an early start in the morning you do not want to be kept up all night long by partying tourists. Fortunately for these people, many London estate agents are now offering a cost effective alternative to the traditional accommodation which takes the form of short term apartment lets.

How to make moving house less stressful

Moving in to a new place is something that is very exciting to many people as it allows them to have a fresh start in new surroundings. If you’re moving in with a friend or a significant other, into a fancy new home or an exciting new neighborhood, you’d think moving house would be a nice venture for everyone. Yet, many people get stressed or panicked while they’re packing house, which sometimes makes it a very difficult process.

A short guide to finding your dream property

Anyone who’s done it will tell you that finding your dream home can take quite some time. It is not simply a case of gathering some old boxes and taking off; finding a home in which you can live happily for years requires perseverance and compromise. Before you are even able to set eyes on any prospective properties, you will have to think about selling your own home, and this can involve plenty of problems.

Most stylish London design ideas

One of the great things about taking design inspiration from London is that almost anything goes. The range of designers operating in the city means that no matter what the individual’s taste, they are sure to find something that suits their needs.

Contemporary designs for a petite London apartment

Living in the heart of London means residing in one of the most exciting cities in the world, with great employment and entertainment possibilities right on your doorstep; however, the property prices in

How to Easily Find a One Bedroom Flat to Buy in the UK

There are many different types and sizes of properties on the market in the UK and most of these appeal to very different and very specific sectors of society and people in general. For instance, a three bed house is likely to appeal to relatively affluent family, whereas a small two bed apartment is more likely to be suitable to a young couple either with a child or with plans to add to their family.

Your Trip to London: Where Should You Stay?

London has long held the reputation as one of Europe’s hippest capitals with plenty of trendy hotels, new landmarks, and hot eateries peppered in among the historic, ancient sights. Because the city is so expansive and has so much to offer, finding the right place to stay is incredibly important – where one stays heavily impacts on the overall experience of the city, regardless of whether one is visiting for work or leisure.

5 Tips for Renting in London

There are services to help you find out the average rental price in Clerkenwell, or a list of available flats under £1500 per month in Angel, but the task of renting is still never easy.

London Roofing

The fine city of London boasts one of the most impressive cityscapes in the country, with buildings ranging from modern architectural masterpieces to old iconic structures that give the city its historic charm.

Moving to London

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Find a flat in London

If your looking to share a room while in London, then spareroom is a great place to start looking.
With 1000's of rooms available you're bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

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